About Us

Our approach is personalised with one point of contact managing the entire project. Our service includes providing invaluable insights and working closely with our client, Architects and Engineers to avoid pitfalls and costly oversights.

We are hands on and solution driven. Committed to client focussed objectives, diligent cost control and precise construction planning, we reliably and consistently produce quality results

With more than 25 years combined experience in a building industry full of “bakkie builders”, we offer experienced professional solutions which take no short cuts. We build to last and are committed to exactly meeting the mandate on every project.

We are transparent and accountable. Open and honest from the outset, we provide pricing solutions to meet our client’s expectations with no hidden costs.


To realise the dream of every homebuilder to live in a home that is secure, comfortable and soundly constructed, fulfilling the needs, and desires, of every family member.


To make the Davel and Lottering Construction brand a household name, offering family values and exceptional professional service to every client; delivering beyond expectations every time.


On behalf of Vernon Viljoen Architects, it is our pleasure to recommend Davel and Lottering for consideration for future building contracts. The above Contractors are currently working on two projects namely at R 11 million house in Clara Anna Fontein and a R 7 million alteration in Bakoven. Hennie Davel, Christoff Lottering and their team have bought considerable enthusiasm and professionalism to the projects. Instructions are expedited timeously, quality is of a high standard and documentation is always up to date. We place trust and confidence in Davel and Lottering Construction to deliver a project on time and at a fair price.

Vernon Viljoen


We were very satisfied with the quality of our new home, the overall service provided, the timeous completion, the condition of our new home the day we moved in, the standard of the finishings and just the all round great experience. They were a great team to work with and if we had any complaints or issues they were quick to respond and resolve. They were at all times very professional and the house was accurately built according to specifications. If we were asked how likely we would recommend Davel and Lottering, on a scale of 1-10, it would definitely be a 10!

Willem and Odette Hunlun

Home Owner