As we are now in the thick of Winter and because we have been experiencing a fairly wet one too, a lot of people believe that building and renovation projects should not be considered at this time. Obviously, inclement weather conditions do restrict a lot of building and outdoor renovations during the Cape Winter, but it is also the perfect time to start on what are several of the most important aspects of any building project – or look into interior renovations. So let’s take a look at some useful (and necessary) Winter preparations for Spring building and renovation projects… Building projects  Most of the items that make up our 6-point ‘Project cycle of services’ include essential tasks that need to be completed before any building project can break ground – i.e. right now in the 3 months leading up to Spring. These include… Cost estimation – The costs of any building project need to be carefully calculated and as accurately as possible. We know nobody wants to get unpleasant surprises as the project unfolds. We have expert Quantity Surveyors and pride ourselves on correct cost predictions. Consultant appointment and Management – Appointing the right people for your specific job is also a key factor to the success of your building project. This is based on availability too, so should be executed as soon as possible, preferably long before the project begins. Design Development – Whether you choose to appoint an Architect with whom we can collaborate, or you choose to employ Davel and Lottering Construction’s excellent Design Development team, drawings and plans take time and also need to be executed long before the commencement of the project. Council submission  These blueprints and documents of all kinds, whether building or renovating, need to be submitted to the city council for approval, and in a country where the wheels tend to grind a little slowly, it is a good idea to allow plenty of time for this too! Renovations There are plenty of Winter renovations that you can undergo prior to Spring and these would primarily be those taking place indoors. Opening up spaces, renovating kitchens and living areas, converting internal rooms or garages into offices or Granny flats etc. are all renovations that can take place right now, allowing you to live comfortably in your home as your Spring or Summer outdoor renovations take place. By the way, with energy consumption being so top of mind at the moment, take a look at this great article on energy-saving winter renovations before you commence – What are your energy-saving home improvement aspirations for this winter? – Davel and Lottering The construction company for all seasons! Davel and Lottering Construction, with more than 25 years of experience in the building industry, is one of the preferred construction companies in the Western Cape because we have built a solid reputation based on delivering superb results for every one of our clients. We are there for you in all seasons as every part of the year forms some part of a well-planned construction project. Contact us today for any additional advice you need and let’s begin right now on your Winter preparations for Spring building and renovation projects!

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