This month we celebrate Father’s Day, and it is the dads of this country who are committed to building a better and brighter future for their children, who we celebrate.

As a construction team that is like a close-knit family, it got us thinking that in this case, it is not so much their ability that matters but their attitude. They are committed to a cause or a goal and it enables them to achieve the remarkable.

In exactly the same way, as builders, we have learned that what we pass down from generation to generation should always be more about having these important attributes of resilience and determination than just passing on what we have learned about the nuts and bolts of building. In other words, good construction is as much about attitude as skills!

What are the foundational attributes?

So, what are the attitudes that lay a good foundation for every building? Well, here are just a few…

  • Be committed to achieving the client’s objective! – Always remember that our job is to achieve our client’s dreams. As with being a good team player in sports, don’t make it about you. Advise, contribute, and then simply do the best job you can to achieve the mandate.


  • Be transparent and accountable – Be open and honest from the outset, ensuring that there is constant communication and no unexpected surprises. Then take responsibility for anything that you might not have been able to achieve to the client’s satisfaction. We all make mistakes – so rather own up to them.


  • Provide pricing solutions – Remember money is tight for everyone. Our job is to try to meet our client’s expectations with no hidden costs. Try to find solutions but never compromise quality!


  • Always be hands-on – providing personalised service with one point of contact managing the entire project. The buck stops with us. Work closely with our clients, architects, and engineers to avoid pitfalls and costly oversights.

Consult the builders with passion!

It has been our passion for our profession and a determination to serve our customers well, providing them with exactly the home they dreamed of, or the office building they aspired to, that has made Davel and Lottering Construction a household name in the Western Cape.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in a building industry full of ‘bakkie builders’, we offer experienced professional solutions which take no shortcuts. We build to last and are committed to exactly meeting our mandate on every project.

Contact us today to take advantage of all our years of experience and expertise – and to find out why we say good construction is as much about attitude as skills! Happy Father’s Day to all our dads!

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