We are well into Autumn now and as the seasons change we need to take cognisance of our plans for what needs to be done before Winter is upon us. Something that many people are looking at right now, thanks to the ongoing energy crisis and the ever-growing need for more reliance on sustainable living, is to make home improvements that can get us off the grid and save money. So the question is what are your energy-saving home improvement aspirations for this winter?

We have a few suggestions that may give you some great ideas and assist you to do this before the winter rains come and building generally becomes more difficult, but more importantly before those energy bills start escalating!

Harness the power of the sun!

We are all aware of the very good option of adding a solar-powered system to the home and particularly now that there are tax incentives to do so we would certainly recommend this. However, there are also other ways, through clever design and expert professional renovations, that the power of the sun can be utilised to save energy.

By knocking out walls and doors that are facing north and north-western outdoor areas and allowing the sun to enter the home in as many places as possible, you achieve two important energy-saving objectives. The first is that more heat is generated during the day which can greatly reduce the amount of heat required in those areas at night.

Secondly, more natural light in the home, generated through walls, doors, windows, and skylights mean that in the day at least far less electric lighting is needed!

Fill the gaps – and insulate

Whilst renovating, get your construction experts to check for any unnecessary drafts that may be entering the home and consider some double glazing of your windows and possibly doors too. In the Northern regions of the globe, this is a popular way to ensure that nature does not intrude when the temperatures drop!

The insulation of ceilings or adding insulated ceilings to high-volume rooms or lofts can make a huge difference in adding warmth. Remember heating is always about minimising the area that needs to be heated.

…and much more!

There are many smaller ways that you can make a difference too. These include adding heat controllers to any general heating you have, using solar geysers and gas cookers (two small but highly effective things that can save plenty), and using geyser blankets and heat pumps in various applications.

One stop for all energy-saving renovations

Davel and Lottering Construction are building and renovation experts and you need only consult with us to ascertain exactly what needs to be done to fulfil your energy-saving home improvement aspirations for this winter!

We handle every aspect of any building or renovation project from design to handover and everything in between. Contact us today and let’s see if we can help you not only transform your home but to make it more valuable, sustainable, and a great money saver, starting right now!

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