Well, it’s almost summer and it’s a great time to be building, especially in the Western Cape where the rains stay away this time of year. It is also November, which means it is that crazy time that you see men growing moustaches, or ‘Mo’s as they are affectionately known, in support of men’s health issues. So, how do the two of these relate?

Well, one of the biggest health issues men face is prostate cancer and it was the Prostate Cancer Society in Australia that was the first beneficiary of the ‘Movember’ initiative. The best thing that men can do, particularly after the age of 40 is to have regular medical checks and these should include blood tests to establish possible warning signs of prostate cancer. So it is all about prevention and we can’t encourage men enough to take preventative measures to ensure good health going forward.

‘’Prevention is better than cure!’’

It’s an old saying and it relates to most things in life. Just as it relates to health it also very much relates to construction issues, some of which are not always immediately detected but can become issues after a couple of years. This is because there are 2 types of defects and these are:

  • Patent defects – These are usually immediately visible and can be fixed during the building or the ’snag list’ phase. This is obvious stuff like a badly fitted window or door etc.
  • Latent defects – These are the bigger issues as, like cancer, they can sometimes not be visible or easily detected and it could take years before the home or office owners notice the problem. These are usually things like poor foundations or serious structural stuff.

It’s down to experience and systems 

Inevitably it comes down to the experience and systems of the construction company itself that prevents these latent defects from happening and there are very definite ways that good construction companies prevent bad building defects…

Check the drawings!

Good construction companies ensure that all building plans are passed and that all construction partners are issued with the latest up-to-date and certified plans. Prevention always begins in the planning phase!

Choose high-quality materials 

The quality of the final products is as good as the materials with which it is built. Experienced contractors have long-standing suppliers whose products they can trust and even when buying for themselves also choose only quality materials with good manufacturer’s warranties.

Follow the instructions

Speaking of manufacturer’s warranties – these are only good if the instructions for their correct application are followed to the letter. Construction supervisors should always be checking that this is the case.

…and much more…

You will have noticed that this is part 1 of a 2-part series – so this is to be continued. Watch this space!

Consult the experts 

Davel and Lottering Construction have the expertise and experience to always have systems and checklists in place to ensure that you will not be in for any rude surprises with the home or offices you are having built by us.

Our many successful projects reflect our combined experience of over 25 years in the construction industry and stand testament to the longevity of the dwellings and workplaces we have built. Talk to us today about your next building project or renovations and find out for yourself how good construction companies prevent bad building defects! – Oh and hey grow those ‘Mo’s Bro’s – We’re with you all the way!

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