Whether it is for renovations or new-builds developers, designers, and homeowners alike are always looking for great new ideas for their dream home or office spaces. This series will give you a few suggestions, based on current trends, that you might want to look into and adopt for future building or renovation projects. So, to begin our series on great building trends for the summer of 2022 – let’s look at some classic kitchens!

It’s all about light!

In our recent series on landscaping ideas for 2022, we spoke at length about bringing the outside in and extending the inside out. Well, it appears that with kitchens too this will greatly feature in 2022. There is a determined effort by designers and architects to incorporate Mother Nature into classic interior design. 

What could be more inviting than a cooking, eating, and ‘kuiering’ space that makes you feel like you are cooking outdoors even when you’re not? The solution to this is large banks of windows letting in as much natural light as possible. Well, you might say, that’s all very well but what of the wall space, traditionally reserved in kitchens for cupboards? – after all, it’s not always the biggest area in the house.

OK, fair question – and the answer lies in maximising storage space in other areas, so this leads us to… 

Sensible (and sensational) storage!

We need to move storage away from the wall areas to allow for light and so upstanding pantry corners and lower kitchen cupboards need to be designed for maximum efficacy. Another fabulous way to create a lot of storage space is inside the island in the centre of the room. Islands are extremely trendy right now and allow for oven and hob space, seating and dining space, and last but not least, if cleverly designed, plenty of storage space!

In many instances even appliance space can be built into islands, freeing up counters to let in more light. The secret here is to keep the heads of the island open for maybe a microwave or toaster that can be used even during eating. 

These are just a couple of ways you can allow for more natural light, but of course, traditional skylights and sliding doors to open areas are also always popular favourites. The only limitation is the length of your imagination so don’t hesitate to talk to the experts about what you have in mind. 

Build on solid foundations!

As always, we hope this advice has been useful, and watch this space because we are embarking on a whole series of these renovation and building trends for the Summer of 2022, including beautiful bathrooms, going green, fashionable furnishings, and amazing outdoor spaces – it’s all still to come.

Whatever great ideas you have, however, every home or office space needs to be built on firm foundations and every renovation project handled with expertise as well as care and flair. Davel and Lottering Construction have been around for so long and handled such a wide scope of building and renovation projects that you can have the peace of mind of knowing you’re in the best hands.

Contact us today – Spring is here, the end of the year is near – and time is wasting. Let’s get to work on those great building trends for the summer of 2022 right away! 

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