Well, spring is just around the corner now and as we celebrate our National Women’s Day this month, we thought we would do an interesting article for the ladies as they are very much a part of the landscaping industry in South Africa. Trends change as often as the seasons and in the Landscaping industry spring is probably the most important season of all – so let’s take a look at a few great landscaping trends for Spring 2022! The ideas are many so this is just the first of a 2-part series…

Utilising less space in the best way

The most significant trend in 2022 (and beyond no doubt) is to use less space whilst still making smaller spaces have the same appeal as a much larger garden. The reality is that when it comes to homes and offices, particularly in the Western Cape, the average size is shrinking. This is due to less and less space being available in the peninsular.

The solution comes in the form of what some expert landscapers call ‘bringing the outdoors in and bringing the indoors out.’ As one expert puts it in a great article we saw in Garden Design, ‘’So much time at home has led to gardeners realizing that blurring the lines between indoors and out extends the living area. When you stop limiting your idea of “home” to the structure on your property and instead consider your entire property your home, you can create a strong sense of place and connection to the natural world.’’

Bringing the outdoors in:

There are various ways to do this and some of the favourites trending this year are to set up a herb garden right in front of a sunny window – you’ll be surprised how well some herbs can grow indoors.

Another is to place hanging planters outdoors, usually on a patio, but by positioning them right in front of a window you can look out and see greenery from within. In a similar vein, you can plant vines on a trellis on the patio wall that can also be seen from within.

Finally, a hot tip (excuse the pun) is to use grow lights to bring plants into rooms that don’t get natural light and consequently you would not usually have indoors. Watch this space as we follow up in our next article to tell you of a few great ways to bring the indoors out!

Connect with the construction company that loves landscaping

At Davel and Lottering Construction we consider Landscaping to be such an integral part of any construction project that it is included as the final and vitally important spoke in the wheel of our Project cycle of services.

We hope this has been helpful and enlightening to our friends in the Landscaping industry and once again we would like to say to all the amazing women involved in the many areas of the construction industry – a happy National Women’s Day. We honour you and sincerely hope your role in the construction industry will continue to grow.

Contact us for any information you need on your building project as with spring just around the corner this is the perfect time to begin your building project. Whether it is that dream home, or the offices your business has always aspired to, we have a solid track record and will be honoured to partner with you all the way!

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