A lot of people who get the urge to build their dream home, or those offices that they have always wanted, think that perhaps because it is winter, this is not a good time for building, but make no mistake there is plenty to be done before the first soil is turned. 

Yes, the wet season in Cape Town does delay the actual building part of a project but this is only the fifth part of our ‘Project cycle of services,’ so you need to plan and prepare now for a perfect building project starting in spring!

It usually takes several months to carry out these initial preparations, so it’s just as well to get started and we will be only too glad to help. Let’s have a look at what is required before building….

The land and the cost estimation

We assume we are talking to people who have bought a piece of land and know where they want to build. If not this is probably the very first part of the planning, but some prefer to see us do a cost estimation even prior to that. Some do this with an independent party and only select the construction company later. 

We offer it as a part of our services so we can offer a full turn-key solution from start to finish, and we can greatly assist in deducing an accurate costing which will include your design and plans, so you can go to the bank or your investor with a fairly accurate picture to raise finance.

The design

Here people also can go in different directions according to cost and preference. If you have already come to us for the cost estimation and appointed us as the contractors we can organise the design as the next step after the initial consultation. Some people choose to have an independent Architect involved in the design of plans, and the Architect may even be involved in the entire building project, working closely with the builders. 

Submission of plans

Now the design needs to be executed and plans drawn up and approved by you the client, before submission to the municipality. The municipality is responsible for checking and approving all building plans, taking into account various factors like the impact on the surrounding environment and health consequences of the development, etc. Here again, we are familiar with the red tape involved and can be a great help to you.

Appointment of contractors – and shopping!

Whilst awaiting this approval, together with our client we appoint the necessary consultants needed for the project like possibly Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Landscapers, Interior Designers, etc. We order our building supplies and also work with clients who want to be involved in the choosing of various types of fittings and finishings.

It’s all in the planning and part of the service.

At Davel and Lottering construction, with over 25 years of combined experience in the construction industry, we can be invaluable to you in these initial stages of any project and begin to partner with you long before the foundations are laid.

Don’t waste time thinking winter is not the right time to build – it is exactly the right time for you to talk to us so we can plan and prepare now for a perfect building project!

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