In our last article we spoke about a couple of great interior renovation ideas you can carry out in winter and this article talks about a few more. Certainly, to a certain extent, it does depend on the available spaces that you have to renovate but sometimes it just takes a little imagination. There is more to interior renovations than the obvious ones of converting a garage or a spare room, as mentioned in our previous article. Let’s look at what a couple of these may be…

Improve energy efficiency

We are living in a time when sustainability is such a big issue and it’s important for all of us to contribute. This winter will you still be burning electrically powered heaters and leaving lights on because there are longer darker hours? Well, we all need to look at potential ways to save on energy and turn our planet into an eco-friendlier environment.

Here are a few suggestions of how to improve the energy efficiency in your home:

  • Switch single-pane windows to dual or triple pane windows (or use thermal window film) – Also consider adding in skylights wherever appropriate to give you more light and warmth when the sun shines, and you can use less heating by knocking down a couple of walls that get the most sunshine to put in window seat areas.
  • Upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs
  • Think about installing a thermostat to attain better temperature control
  • Try to seal drafts all around the house especially those around windows, doorways, electrical switches, and outlets.

Convert an attic or basement

Many homeowners fail to look up or down when considering areas to renovate and often they are sitting with a wonderful basement or attic that can be converted into a very useful space. In certain cases, this may entail fitting windows or skylights but this is not a huge expense when one considers the advantages and the value added by having an additional useful area.

These uses can be multiple too. It could be a guest room or extra bedroom for a growing family. It could be an office or playroom – or large basements also make great entertainment areas for teenagers away from the rest of the house and preferably soundproofed!

Consult the professionals 

Remember there are a lot of good reasons to do your interior renovations in winter. There are fewer building operations going on and more high-quality builders available like Davel and Lottering Construction just for starters, but also remember that due to lower demand, the wheels can turn faster in terms of carrying out your renovation plans and it allows you to have completed your interior renovations before conducting exterior renovations in the summer!

Contact us today for all the advice you will need to do your interior renovations – or of course to build your new home when the summer comes. Finally, to all the Dads out there we say have a wonderful fun-filled Father’s day – You deserve it!

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