We wrote this time last year about why winter in the Cape is a particularly good time to carry out interior renovations and we don’t want to rehash this, but it is important to note. So, just in case you missed that article or have forgotten it, just a quick recap on that is…

  • Winter renovations in a wet climate make sense as there are fewer building operations going on and more high-quality builders available to do your renovations
  • All tradespeople are more likely to be available at this time including Decorators, Designers, etc.
  • Due to lower demand, the wheels can turn faster in terms of carrying out your renovation plans – I.E approval of plans etc.
  • It allows you to have completed your interior renovations before conducting exterior renovations in the summer. Doing both all at once can be quite trying for the whole family!

Great interior renovation ideas
The idea of this article is to give you a few great interior renovation ideas for winter and some will be obvious, but who knows? You may pick up something new along the way.

Converting a useful spare room
Maybe one of the kids has left home, or maybe you have had a spare room for guests that you only use a couple of times a year. Maybe you need a guest room and have a laundry room you can move outside in summer? Think about how useful that extra room could be if used as an office, a designated play area for the kids – or dare we say it even a ‘man cave!’ – okay we meant study/office.

Other potential ideas are a walk-in closet, home gym, hobby room, wine room or a library. Obviously where the room that you have available is situated will, to a large extent, dictate what you can do with it – talk to us about it and we can put one of our excellent Designers onto it.

Upgrade your garage
Large garages are often wasted spaces and become unseemly storerooms when only one car is parked in a two-car garage for example. This is a perfect space to renovate in winter. If it is attached to the house, it can become a play area or winter entertainments lounge – or of course that all too necessary home office that so many of us need nowadays.

If it is free-standing, but an interior renovation, it can still be undertaken in winter and could make an excellent granny flat, guest room or even a short-term rental monetary source as a flatlet. We could certainly all use a little extra cash right now, so use a bit of your bond to renovate and turn your home into a money source – and add great value to it!

Consult the professionals
These are just a couple of ideas for starters and you can watch this space for more great interior renovation ideas for winter! In the meantime, we at Davel and Lottering Construction will be more than happy to discuss your renovation requirements and give you some more advice and ideas to work with.

Remember though that winter is already upon us so talk to us today and let’s start planning to get cracking right away! To all the Moms out there – you are precious to us, so look after yourselves and Happy Mother’s day!

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