A part of any good construction company’s project cycle of services should be Landscaping. This adds the very necessary finishing touch to any home or office space that is built. As this is generally the time that many home or office owners are thinking about giving their premises a bit of a facelift, we thought it prudent to give our clients a little insight into what some of the great landscapers are predicting to be some significant landscaping trends this year. 

Maximising space will be a key factor 

Smaller gardens and landscaped areas are becoming more the norm for several reasons. Property prices in Cape Town in particular are at a premium and also the trend towards working from home has seen many residential property owners build home offices, minimising their garden space in the process. 

A trend in 2022, therefore, will be to use more patio space and according to the experts “Container gardens and vertical gardens are popular choices and using a container or a raised bed is a great way to add plants without permanently changing the property. Many beds and containers are moveable and give you control over the soil.”

Outdoor living will prevail

Another result of the Covid lockdowns was that many people chose to have better outdoor living spaces within their own homes. This means there is a trend towards building patios (this ties in with the aforementioned patio gardens idea) and outdoor kitchens and bar areas too will be popular choices.

These can even be beautifully integrated with the garden areas and you can speak to your landscapers or creative renovators on great ways to do this. 

Pet-friendly exteriors

It is reported that the Covid lockdown period also encouraged a lot of people to get more pets. Outdoor areas however, especially in more restricted spaces, are not necessarily very pet friendly because of the dead spots dogs can create in the lawn and the mess brought into the house.

According to those in the know ‘’adding synthetic turf and teaching dogs to use the turf as a bathroom can help save your grassy area as it will simply need a wash-down every once in a while. Homeowners will also invest in fences to keep their pups safe, and we’ll see a rise in dog runs where it’s okay for the dog to rip up the grass and run amok.”

Eco-friendly will be essential

As the world evolves, we are becoming more and more aware of the necessity of creating eco-friendly spaces. This is not only a construction criterion now but very relevant to landscaping too. We need to create greener spaces by being aware of not planting invasive species of plants. One advisor defines these as “an invasive species is a plant or tree whose introduction into a region is not natural and therefore disrupts the ecosystem and can cause harm to everything from the insect population to native plant life—even farming, soil and waterways.”

Let us assist 

As landscaping is just one part of the Davel and Lottering Construction project cycle of services, if you are thinking of giving your home or offices a facelift this year just talk to us and we are sure we can help.

From small renovations to massive projects our reputation stands as solidly as the homes and offices we build so see for yourself.

Have a stupendous and constructive new year!

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