As we now stand on the threshold of a brand new year many of you may be considering building – or renovating in 2022. When you have time on holiday it’s a great time to talk and think about what your dream home or ideal offices will look like and you may even still be deliberating between building or just staying put and renovating.

Either way, it may be useful to you to know about some worldwide building trends that are expected to be happening next year as something may just pique your interest or spark a great idea that can help you to make these important decisions. So if you are building or renovating in 2022 – check out these new trends – it’s primarily about increased sustainability and better use of space…

Sustainability on steroids 

Of course, sustainability initiatives are nothing new now and whether you are building or renovating your social conscience will be leaning you towards adopting sustainable materials and innovations in your new buildings.

Sustainable initiatives have now gone far beyond just installing solar panels and creating more natural light. Energy efficiency will now be a far greater factor as energy issues just seem to get worse every year – particularly here in South Africa. As one observer pointed out ‘’by 2022 people will be choosing houses with minimal heating and cooling needs that have top-notch thermal insulation and ventilation systems. Similarly to green building, energy-efficient housing incorporates renewable energy, which is one of the reasons why it will become more popular.’’

You will also see more buildings with ‘green roofs,’ where plants are grown and apparently this has the advantages of being more durable and lasting longer than normal roofs thereby making them more cost-effective in the long run; more comfort, as the plants on the roof help to cool your house during hot summer days; limiting flooding in your area and is one of the best ways to treat the air in urban and suburban areas!

Utilising space more effectively

As we know in Cape Town, space every year becomes more of an issue particularly in areas with larger populations. Two significant trends in this regard are:

  • It is said that regardless of political upheaval or change people always gravitate back to the cities and a worldwide trend, according to our sources, “is to plan to transform unused urban areas into something useful. Many people are already turning abandoned parking lots, forgotten park areas, etc., into new housing districts.’’ There is also a trend to buy abandoned buildings or land to build on or renovate as this can be very cost-effective too, as opposed to going into newly developed and highly in-demand areas.
  • Another trend is to create more flexible rooms that can double as offices and guest rooms etc. and to create way more storage space. Storage solutions have become a very popular trend. The same source tells us that ‘’more and more people are building houses with double or even triple lofts that can be used as storage space. In 2022, the focus on expanding the storage space will continue. In some cases, people will live in homes with as much as 50% storage space!’’

Choose the professionals

Whatever your choice and to whatever extent you choose to follow these trends for 2022, your best choice of the construction company to make it happen is Davel and Lottering Construction. With our experience, excellent reputation and impressive desire to successfully complete projects we will ensure that your dream home or ideal office space is constructed or renovated perfectly and exactly to your specifications.

To all our loyal clients, we give our thanks and gratitude for your support in 2021 and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a spectacular 2022!

Travel safely!

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