Builders, of all people, know all about families and family values. As builders, we have to take into account all the requirements and desires of every member of the family when we build a family home or even when we are renovating to expand the utilities of the family.

At Davel and Lottering Construction our mission statement even includes our family values and reads ‘’To make the Davel and Lottering Construction brand a household name, offering family values and exceptional professional service to every client; delivering beyond expectations every time.’’

This is not a hollow statement and we would not talk about family values in such an important promise if we didn’t know that these family values that we hold in such high esteem have held us in good stead through many of the numerous projects we have undertaken.

Family values are not just about family homes

Family values are advantageous to all of our clients too, not only when we build family homes. They form the ethos of our business and why we can offer something special to all our clients, including those embarking on large commercial projects. So what are just a few of the benefits of Builders with family values?…

A long term vision   

Family businesses, often passed on from generation to generation, generally tend to take a long term view of their future. It is not necessarily a commodity to be sold on the retirement of one member but a treasured entity with a history and a heritage. 

This generally means that family businesses intend to stay in business for a long time and will be more honest and accountable for their actions. We always have a view to maintaining long term partnerships with all of our clients, both residential and commercial.

Commitment is contagious

Just as all family members tend to have a long term commitment to each other, so do we as a family building business have to each other. This extends beyond just our family members too as we see our whole team as our family and we try to treat them as such – and more importantly instil our family values into all of them.

This is important to our clients too because when they know we are a happy team dedicated to pleasing each other we attain a level of excellence, seldom found in businesses without real family values. 

Good costing

We know that cost is everything, not only to small families possibly making the biggest investment of their lives, but for large corporates too, who need to meet their bottom line. Family businesses, which often have fewer frills and run a much tighter ship, are therefore able to pass on our cost savings to our clients.

At Davel and Lottering Construction, these family values have made us transparent and accountable, open and honest from the outset, so we can provide pricing solutions to meet all our client’s expectations, big or small, with no hidden costs.

Talk to us today about your family or business’s dreams and aspirations and start to experience the benefits of builders with family values! 

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