Spring is always a time for new beginnings. It’s a time to look forward to summer and to plant the seeds that will yield a great harvest. It is also a great time to build as the winter rains are mostly over and maybe seeing as we now spend so much more time in our homes, it’s time for some fresh ideas to make it more functional, comfortable – or simply more fun to live in.

We have spoken before about the obvious renovations that will add value to your home, like a granny flat, offices or an entertainment room, but here are six stupendous spring renovation ideas that you may not have thought of…

  1. Add some moonlight – Have you ever thought about how great it would be to just be able to see the moon or the stars on a lovely Spring evening as you lay in your bed? Add a skylight directly above your bed for a little moonlight magic. It also adds some natural light and warmth during the day.
  2. A book bay – Create a lovely window seat next to a bay window, not necessarily big enough to stand in, but big enough to lounge in and read a good book. You can also have a small bookshelf and this is great for natural warmth when the air becomes chilly too.
  3. A conversation pit – A pit created in the middle of your lounge or entertainment area with a couple of steps leading down to it from all sides and a coffee table in the centre, can be a dynamic add-on to your home. Here you can indulge in conversation and coffee, diverting attention from TV and other distractions. This is great for entertaining and with us being outdoor people in summer, a similar add on can be created in your garden too.
  4. Steam or sauna – Once again because we tend to live outdoors in summer, add on a great steam room or sauna, or hot tub room, as a great outdoor entertainment area. If it is fully enclosed it can be used year-round and it can be large enough to include a bar – and this can add great value to your home.
  5. A theme room – A great idea trending right now is to add on a themed room. The theme can be whatever takes your fancy. If water sport is your thing then add water sport pictures and use skis and paddles as ornaments, or if you are into game viewing, add bush scenes and a great ‘bush pub!’
  6. Use your view – So many homes, particularly in the Western Cape, potentially have great views from the upstairs rooms but they are viewed only from windows, or not at all. Add another dimension and great value to your home with balconies added to your upstairs rooms wherever a great view can be enjoyed. With some construction skills, these balconies can be made quite sizeable too, to allow for entertaining.

Renovate or build with the experts

Davel and Lottering Construction is flexible and versatile, always full of great ideas and willing to partner with you whether your requirements are small renovations or large building projects.

With a fresh and dynamic approach to construction at any level, we handle all we undertake professionally, backed by years of experience, personally supervised and we go from plans to full completion. Check out some of our completed projects and contact us for a no-obligation consultation to see if we can help with your specific requirements.

Keep safe – keep optimistic and keep building for a better future!

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