One of the common myths is that the construction business is a men-only industry. We celebrate Women everywhere when we have our National Women’s Day on Aug 9th and we thought at this time it would be appropriate to set the record straight and talk about just a few of the vital roles women play in the construction industry.

In this day and age, there are female builders and female members of building crews, but admittedly they are in the minority by comparison to their male counterparts. There are, however, certain areas where women play vital roles – in some cases far more so than men. These are…

Gone are the days when this was seen as a male-only profession. More and more women with a natural flair for design and a growing understanding of structural requirements are taking to the Architectural field. Renowned international female Architects such as Jeanne Gang, Zaha Hadid and Denise Scott Brown are leading the way and African Architects like Kenya’s Emma Miloyo are hot on their heels.

Interior design
No home is complete until the interior design has been created and accomplished. Generally speaking, women have a far better feel for this than men and have a better grasp of the seven elements of interior design – shape, light, colour, line, texture, space and pattern. These seven elements of great design create aesthetically successful interiors that are not only functional but effectively create the right mood for those who will inhabit them. 

This is another area in which women shine. Being natural gardeners and good creative designers they combine these attributes to create functional and beautiful outdoor spaces, aligned with the look and feel of the home or offices. Once again no construction project is complete without this vital element and astute construction companies include Landscaping and Interior Design as key elements of their turnkey project plans. 

Women are inherently good renovators. With a keen eye for design and spaces, they tend to be the ones in the family that suggest (and in many cases oversee) home renovations. There are also many women at the helm of home renovation businesses, those that purchase a ‘fixer-upper’ and give it their magic touch.

Administrators and project planners
Like it is said ‘behind every successful man there is a woman,’ take it from us, behind most successful construction businesses are strong, capable, and creative women who fill all kinds of administration, management and also small and large Project Management roles.

Davel and Lottering salutes you
We would like to take this opportunity to salute all the women in construction and just as we cannot do without women in our family lives we would also be the poorer were it not for the vital roles that women play in the construction industry.

Davel and Lottering have for many years been proud to be a part of the Cape construction industry as expert exponents of building and renovations in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to ascertain your building requirements and learn all you need to know about our excellent building project record. Keep safe – and let’s all keep empowering women!

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