It is well known that for many people their home is the biggest investment they will make. Now, while bond interest rates are so low, is a good time to consider some of the home renovations and additions that you could make to your home to not only greatly improve your lifestyle while you are living in it, but at the same time turn it into an even better investment when you need to sell it.

We have used the word SMILE to illustrate a few of the significant changes you could be making to your home to have the whole family smiling while you enjoy it and have you smiling all the way to the bank in days to come…

Sustainable additions and changes

One way to get the planet smiling too, while you make significant investment improvements, is to upgrade to a more sustainable style of home. This does not only involve switching from electricity to gas and solar power, although these are important, but electricity is also saved through creating more natural light.

A skylight or two in the right places, some walls removed to let in more natural light, or a lovely sunny winter room could have you saving plenty of energy at that time of year when you would be spending on heaters and lights in cold dark rooms.


If you have a great traditional Cape Dutch style home, then by all means leave it as is but remember even these types of homes can be expanded upon and the right builders can show you how to do so without spoiling the initial ambience.

If you have a standard home however and it is ageing, one of the best ways to improve on your investment is to modernise not only fittings and fixtures but by making significant renovations too. Creating more space through open-plan rooms and particularly opening the kitchen out to the dining area and living space can also make a huge difference.

Investment changes

There are a few renovations that specifically can improve the investment value of the home too. There are the obvious things like investing in good floors if you have cheap ones and the kitchen renovation again will add plenty to the investment.

Recently however the trend towards more people working from home means that creating a great workspace, preferably entirely separated from the house, is a great investment as is adding a good cottage which you can rent out either annually or as a short-term rental. Remember Cape Town is a prime tourist destination and B&B type accommodation is always in demand.

Lifestyle improvements

At the end of the day, a great home is about enjoying a good lifestyle and while you are living in the home this is important. Add on an entertainment room or a playroom for the kids. You’ll be amazed how this bit of separation can also instil peace in the home.

For winters you just can’t beat a nice, enclosed porch so you can still enjoy the family braais and this type of room also adds great value to the home.

Expand to enjoy

The expansion of spaces whether it is small indoor areas, or adding on new areas or outdoor buildings, will always create a better lifestyle and give your home a better investment value. A nice granny flat can see your folks enjoying their golden years with you and can easily be converted to offices or rentable property if needs be, so it is always a good option.

Work with a construction company that has you smiling at the end

Davel and Lottering Construction are professionals with over 25 years in the construction industry. Our approach is personalised with one point of contact managing the entire project. Our service includes providing invaluable insights and working closely with our client, Architects and Engineers to avoid pitfalls and costly oversights.

So, contact us to ensure when you put a SMILE into your property investment, that you are smiling all the way through and right to the end of the process!

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