We have, in recent articles, written extensively about the advantages of carrying out renovations right now. The pandemic has forced many people to reconsider hiring offices and adding one onto their existing homes – not to mention the many other advantages as this article points out – 2021 will be about rebuilding, revival and renovations – Davel and Lottering.

On the other side of the coin, building new has advantages too. Obviously for those who are just starting out, or those with existing homes who want to make a great investment, simply upgrade, or move to another area, the choice is all about buying second hand or deciding to build new. As builders, we may be a little bias, but there are some very solid reasons for building brand new…

You get the dream!

For many building a brand new ‘dream home’ has been a lifelong ambition. Finally, you get to realise this when you build new. You get to work with an Architect or Designer to decide on exactly what you want – choose the plot you want, in the place you want to be, and watch it all come together. You are so much a part of realising this dream and there’s no greater feeling than knowing you and your family will be the first to make this your home.

No nasty surprises

You are never really 100% sure of what you are getting when you buy second-hand. How many times have you heard the stories of those who bought only to discover when the rains came that the roof leaked, or that in summer there was an ant infestation? When you build you get it ‘out the box’, shiny and new and providing you have worked with a reputable builder, there are no surprises after moving in!

Solid financial reasons

There are distinct advantages to buying new from a financial point of view too. Just for starters, new homes don’t have the aforementioned surprises and maintenance issues to deal with. Secondly, there are tax benefits. You can claim depreciation over the first few years and of course, you save on the huge transfer and legal costs when buying an existing property.

More choices

Especially in the Western Cape where existing properties are limited and at a premium, you get far more choices when building new. More choices of areas in which to buy a stand and more choices of the type of home you want to build too.

Finally, you can be fully involved with the design and feel of the home and you can implement more eco-friendly options like solar and gas energy, as well as natural light and energy-efficient building materials. 

Builders with a plan that you can trust

If this has convinced you to build new then look no further than your Western Cape construction specialists, Davel and Lottering Construction. We not only have the experience of having built many beautiful homes and overseen numerous impressive projects, but we love to work closely with our clients, involving them every step of the way and creating exactly what they want – to their exact specifications.

no-obligation consultation will ascertain exactly what you are looking for and we can assist you to make that dream home come true! 

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