As we stand at the threshold of a brand new year, it’s time to look to the future and put 2020, a year many would rather forget, firmly behind us. Some worthwhile things did come out of it though and everyone would have experienced both the good and the bad in their own ways.

It was not a great time for the building industry as we couldn’t get out and ‘break ground’ for a while, but like most, we survived and now, in the Western Cape anyway, construction and renovations are thriving and as busy as ever.

Challenges bring change

One thing that is clear in most industries is that with great challenges always come some changes. In the building industry, as a result of many businesses adopting a ‘work from home’ policy to contain the spread of the virus, there is a greater call for renovations, both in commercial and residential property.

This is simply because a lot of commercial properties will need to be repurposed due to reduced demand for larger office spaces now – and in residential areas, many people working from home suddenly need to repurpose the spaces they have to accommodate comfortable office spaces.

Either way, it seems pretty clear that renovations for repurposing will trend in 2021. So here are just a few ideas that may help commercial property owners and homeowners to think about how existing spaces can be repurposed…

Commercial property

Larger office spaces or even factories (sadly many manufacturers had to close doors due to lack of demand during the pandemic) can be, dependant on their zoning, basic structure, and demand in their areas, converted to smaller offices, retail space, hospitality spaces – or of course residential spaces.

Smaller offices may well be in demand by companies that have decided to downsize the office going contingent of their employees. Retail has also taken a bit of a beating in 2020, but the demand is still greater than large office spaces, providing it is in an area where there is public exposure.

The hospitality industry may also be a little oversubscribed right now, but with more people taking local holidays than before, short term vacation rentals are always a good proposition for those with B&Bs or small hotels. Again this is area dependant.

Providing the zoning allows it, the best conversion is to residential space as, in the Cape Town area, there is always a demand for this. Some large office spaces, particularly if they have a bit of character themselves, can be easily converted to residential space, with parking and surrounding amenities usually available.

Residential property

We are quite convinced that with so many people and businesses having decided that a work from home situation is more desirable, home renovations will be a massive trend in 2021. Granny flats or maids quarters, no longer in use or even large unused spaces in the home can all be repurposed with some well thought out planning and expertly executed renovations.

Get expert assistance

Davel and Lottering Construction, with our many years of experience of every type of building transformation, can greatly assist you as a commercial property owner or developer, or a homeowner, to make the right decisions to do the right renovations to maximise your existing spaces.

We also, of course, do add-ons and new builds, so talk to us about your unique situation and let us advise you on your most cost-effective and beneficial options. It’s a new year and time for change so let’s get on with it and never look back – 2021 here we come – and we’ll be with you all the way!

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