Finally, spring has arrived and we can begin to thaw out and, as pleased as we are with the good rains we have had this year in the Western Cape, we can dry out a little too! This year, more than ever, we have been very limited in terms of our building capacity throughout the winter.

The pandemic kept many, including the building industry, indoors and it was a good time to plan and design future homes or offices – or of course renovations and additions to existing dwellings. Here then, are a few solid reasons that this year, more than ever, build or renovate – spring 2020 is the perfect time to do it!

A time for new beginnings

2020 will long be remembered as a year that many will choose to forget and the best way to do that is with new beginnings. Spring 2020 is the best time ever to start new projects and put the past behind us.

A time to expand

Having had so much time to be in your homes and understand some of its shortcomings and limitations, why not do those renovations that you have been planning for so long? Many of our clients began with planning such things during the lockdown, so now is the time to make them happen.

Interest rates are at their lowest

Behind every dark cloud is always some silver lining. One of the great benefits of this trying period has been the dropping of interest rates on home loans to their lowest in recent history.

Banks, radically incentivised to help all their clients, are keen to loan money to those wanting to start anew. Building loans are easier to obtain now and those wanting to renovate or do additions can finally afford to add a little for these renovations to their bonds.

The lowered interest rates have also generated a keen buyers’ market – always a great incentive for developers of residential and commercial properties.

Breaking ground

The bleakness of winter seemed to have coincided with our building industries inability to ‘break ground,’ but finally, as COVID-19 is beginning to release its steely grip and we are permitted to do so again – this is the perfect time to get new construction projects underway. Thanks to the good rains the soil is generally softer too – good for breaking ground for building and of course for landscaping.

The weather is fine

Never underestimate the vital importance of building in the right weather. Trying to build in winter in the Cape potentially wastes many man-hours due to poor weather. Spring, on the other hand, has both the advantages of being drier and not too hot, as the mid-summer heat can also be a trying factor for construction crews.

A Construction Company for all seasons

Yes certainly – build or renovate – spring 2020 is the perfect time to do it, but you need only contact Davel and Lottering Construction to find out that our more than 25 years of combined experience and a flawless reputation will guarantee you satisfaction – come rain or shine!

Throughout the pandemic and through every season of every year, we have remained actively involved in servicing every customer to the best of our ability regardless of the challenges that have faced us. Let us help you to start your new beginnings today. Stay positive and stay safe!

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