The effect of the Coronavirus has been devastating for many and we in the building industry have also had to ‘bite the bullet,’ putting many aspects of our projects on hold until things returned to normal.

Fortunately, we are now able to operate normally and to all those who are back in business we say ‘Congratulations!’ Well done if you have managed to see yourself through these challenging times.

What is always incredible when the chips are down is to watch man’s flexibility, resilience, and sheer determination to find alternate ways to survive. Many found ways to do business online, just as we found ways to carry out many of the first phases of a building operation online, but it’s certainly good to get out and ‘break ground’ again.

That silver lining

What is really incredible is that it appears that even the darkest clouds do in fact have that proverbial ‘silver lining’ and even this dreaded virus could have actually created some positives with respect to building and rebuilding our futures.

We are, first and foremost, optimists and it appears that even bad times can bring great opportunities to build. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why…

Lowered interest rates

Interest rates are at the lowest they have been for as long as we can remember and this gives many people an opportunity to get affordable bonds for what may have seemed like previously unaffordable building projects.

Additions and alterations too can finally be carried out on existing bonds without breaking the bank, so maybe it’s finally time to proceed with these to improve the value of your property.

Property values

Speaking of the value of property, rumour has it in property circles that the Western Cape might see a boom in property sales towards the end of the year. The reason for this is that many people who could not formerly move here because their businesses were physically based elsewhere have now restructured their businesses to operate online. Finally, that home in ‘the fairest Cape’ looks like it’s a real possibility.

Property is a great investment

Many people who had large portions of their wealth and retirement portfolios in market based investments found out that money invested in property, which suffered far less damage than the markets, is always a solid investment.

There is a limited amount of space in this highly valuable Cape Peninsula and this is a great place to build – possibly now, more than ever!

Lay the foundations for a great future

Without a doubt, the virus will eventually be overcome and property in the Western Cape is always going to be a worthwhile investment. Right now, financially it is a viable prospect too, so all you need do is partner with Davel and Lottering Construction to ensure your project is professionally and cost effectively executed.

Contact us to get expert advice, with no obligation, on your best way forward. Yes, even bad times can bring great opportunities to build – so stay safe – stay optimistic, and let’s lay the foundations for a great future together!

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