This is the penultimate article around the various steps taken when you embark on a building project. At Davel and Lottering Construction for example we have a definite 6 point plan and these are what we have been going through.

Step 5 in the process is Interior Design, not to be confused with Interior Decorating, although they are both quite subjective and will require a close-knit relationship between the client, the builder and the interior designer. It could be said that the interior decorator fills in the spaces that the interior designer creates!

Sometimes the interior designer is the builder, but not necessarily so and this is often outsourced to an independent contractor. We thought what would be most useful to our clients is an understanding of just a few of the most important principles of good interior design …

Plan realistically: According to the American Institute of Architects, “space planning includes blocking out interior spatial areas, defining circulation patterns and developing plans for furniture layout and equipment placement.”

The most important thing is the planning of space with a realistic view to end usage. The goal of space planning is to create efficiency. The designer can also, through good design, prevent the addition of large rooms when more space can be created within the existing design.

Work with the client’s concept: The designer needs to work closely with the client to get a vision of how a room will look to match the concept in the client’s mind. This is the greatest challenge for the designer. Simple choices and change of placement of furnishings in a room will determine the look and feel that is to be achieved. A flow of this vision throughout the home is also established here.

Balance the elements with the architectural and natural elements of the room: It is vital to ensure that all interior artefacts enhance the basic architectural and natural features of the room. We believe natural materials are good to use too, especially the use of natural light from windows and skylights – and matching interior materials with exterior views.

A few other important criteria are simply to be authentic, cleverly juxtapose contrasting elements and be very detailed.

Work with people that really care about and try to see your vision: At Davel and Lottering Construction we take the view that whatever we are directly involved with, or whatever is sub-contracted, it all must come together to create a cohesive whole that perfectly matches your vision of your ideal home or offices.

When you engage us the buck stops with us, so let’s get together to discuss your home or office plans and assure you that we do not rest until we not only meet, but go beyond our mandate.

We hope this brief overview of Interior design, your builder and you has been helpful and given some insight into how to maximise your interior spaces. Now watch this space for the final article and step 6 of our Davel and Lottering ‘Project Cycle of Services.’

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