Whether you are building a new home or offices or carrying out renovations or additions, the outcome of your building project is going to rely heavily on your choice of the building contractor.

Great works of art are not fashioned by those unskilled, or inexperienced, in their field and neither are seemingly straight forward building structures. There is also a significant cost factor involved, and for many, the building of a home, or their business’ offices, is one of the largest investments they will ever make.

Important factors in the undertaking of any building project, include trust between both parties, and a personal relationship, as this is not just a ‘look, buy and deliver’ type of purchase, but a project that takes time and a good relationship with all involved parties.

These then are what we believe are the 4 cornerstones of a successful building project – or what you need to consider when choosing the right construction company for the job!

1. Personalisation

Building is personal and you will want to be involved. The approach of the builder should be personalised and inclusive, which means they can assure you there will be one point of contact managing the entire project. Are they offering good advice and really listening to your requirements? They should be prepared to work closely with you, the architects, and the engineers to avoid pitfalls and costly oversights.

2. Transparent

Builders should be transparent and accountable. Are they being open with costing and time deadlines? Are these realistic? Your contractor must be open and honest from the outset and provide pricing solutions with no hidden costs!

3. Hands on

The only way construction companies can reliably, and consistently, produce quality results is to be ‘hands on’ with every project. Get your builders assurance that they will be personally involved with your project and that they are solution driven. They must be committed to your objectives, diligent cost control, and precise construction planning throughout the project.

4. Experience

Watch out for “bakkie builders”, who promise cheap solutions, unrealistic deadlines and can’t deliver any of it. Ensure the builder you hire has good testimonials to prove that they can offer experienced professional solutions which take no short cuts. Builders must ‘build to last’ and be committed and able to exactly meet the mandate on every project.

Choose the professionals

With over 20 years of combined main building experience, and a dozen years of refining our construction knowledge and skills with Group 5 construction, we at Davel and Lottering Construction are certainly qualified to deliver exceptional results on time, and within budget.

With our personal approach, transparency, hands on methods and all that invaluable experience, we tick all the boxes you need to create the 4 cornerstones of a successful building project – built on a solid foundation!

Contact us today and experience our “one stop” construction solution, for all your renovations, or your dream home.